Business Intelligence Solution

In order to successfully manage a company, it is key to ensure correct and up-to-date information can be readily accessible, thus allowing for proactive action to be taken.

Böge & Partners offers our Business Intelligence solution to clients, allowing them to leverage their most valuable resource: their data.

Clients become enthusiastic at the speed with which data analysis can be performed, and the various ways in which data can be visualized.

Below is a list of features of our BI solution:

  • No dependency on the IT department or on an external supplier
  • Gathers information from several data sources (ERP Systems)
  • Large data sets can be utilized (big data)
  • Standardized processes/periodical reports can be updated and generated automatically
  • Complete flexibility in the presentation of information
  • Analysis set up is quick and straightforward
  • Username and password-based Internet access
  • Data remain available to the user and their use does not affect the database
  • No need to invest in software and hardware
  • No need to hire new employees
  • No training expenses

Everything you need are your data and the queries to be made.

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