Companies planning to expand their activities into Brazil can now rely on the local competence and experience provided by Böge & Partners. We offer our clients the necessary support during the early stages of setup, structuring, and later management and supervision of the Brazilian subsidiary.

Our services

Support during the setup stages and later management of the Brazilian subsidiary.

Acting as appointed legal representative of foreign parties to the Brazilian subsidiary.

Managerial responsibility over the Brazilian subsidiary with the appointment of a Manager/Officer in the Articles of Association, and registration before the local Board of Trade.

Operational management and coordination of the Brazilian subsidiary, with services including back-office, financial management, and human resources management.

Market analyses, support in expanding commercial activities, negotiations, and establishing contracts with business partners.

Advice on retaining local German-speaking law practices and English-speaking accountants with international experience.

For issues regarding foreign visas, logistics, searching for office space, searching for partnerships, we are connected with a wide network of competent partner companies with wide international experience.

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