Human Resources Services


We identity and evaluate human potential in companies, so that you can achieve high levels of productivity based on behavioral competencies.

  • By workplace simulations: done individually or in groups, it is based on situational exercises that resemble the reality of the professional environment.
  • By competency interview: done individually, it evaluates past behavior in order to predict future behavior.
  • Mixed Assessment: combines workplace simulations and competency interviews.

Executive Coaching

Structured process for the development of behavioral competencies that helps executives reach their personal and professional goals.

Career Consulting

Self-knowledge process that helps executives make choices and implement concrete changes in their careers.

Workshop: Managing your Career

Training that updates career information, defines the responsibilities of collaborators, managers and companies, and emphasizes the importance of managing one’s career.

Development of Cross-Cultural Competencies

Crucial for success in international business, it prepares executives to understand and appropriately treat partners, colleagues and employees from other countries.

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